Member Spotlight Nikole’s Country Store

This week’s Member Spotlight is on Nikole’s Country Store in downtown Tishomingo! This store has been a dream for Johnston County Clerk, Kathy Ross, for a long time and is a project she wanted to have during her retirement. Opportunity came knocking at the door about four years earlier than expected and Nikole’s opened in August 2018. 

For many years Ross had booths in other business owner’s stores, the latest being Baker’s Mercantile. When the decision was made to close Baker’s, Ross was faced with the decision to pack up her merchandise or move it to a place of her own. “With there being lots of years of building my business to where it was, I just couldn’t quit! I quickly found that there was a building that was available for rent and I proceeded with opening my own store.”

The team worked around the clock to turn the empty building into one of the cutest little country stores around. Nikole’s Country Store is a warm and inviting locale and is typically visited by ladies, mostly tourists, but keeps the gentlemen in mind. Nikole’s has a bar to sit at that offers samples of fruit, veggie and crackers dips, kettle corn, pork rinds and Blue Bell Ice Cream. Nikole’s offers a wide variety of merchandise, including men and women’s clothing, ladies’ shoes, Hey Dudes shoes, jewelry, handbags, hats, home decor, Amish goods, snacks, and continues the tradition of having independent vendor items available.

The shop’s most recent excitement is that they now have a dirt track racecar!  Watch for the racecar to be parked at the store for kids to look at and to be entered in our local parades.  This has been a really fun way to advertise for Nikole’s and other local businesses.  

Nikole’s is mainly family operated.  Ever wondered why the store has the name it does? Nikole is Ross’ daughter’s middle name and hopes that the shop will be a legacy that they can pass to her one day.  

Ross said, “[We] hope that we will be here to serve the public and our tourists for many years to come.  I hope to grow with the demand of the tourism and our good ole’ local people that support us every day.  We hope your experience at Nikole’s is friendly and that others will remember our cute little town of Tishomingo!”

Visit Nikole’s Country Store at 208 W. Main Street, visit them on Facebook, and give them a call at 580-257-2192 with any questions you may have.

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